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BSN Whey DNA is a high quality 100% Whey Protein shake and forms part of the BSN DNA Series; designed to support all aspects of muscle development including muscle recovery, muscle build, muscle mass, muscle strength and muscle growth.
Protein plays a vital part in helping to build and maintain lean muscle mass. Muscle is broken down during intense workouts and Protein is essential to enable the repair of these muscle fibres. Ensuring a healthy supply of these Proteins and improving Protein synthesis helps to achieve an increase in muscle and strength gains, resulting in improved strength, stamina and overall physical performance.BSN Whey DNA shake not only delivers 24g of Protein per serving, it is also low in calories, making this a fantastic option for those looking to improve muscle build, whilst minimising calorie intake.   The BSN Whey Protein shake features a combination of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate to help improve digestion and provides all of the essential Amino Acids required to support muscle recovery.BSN Whey DNA Protein powder is great tasting, available in a range of delicious flavours and is perfect to help you achieve and even surpass your training goals.

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