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The World's Best Post Workout Recovery! A very bold statement, but a statement never the less that's' backed up by fact. Growth Matrix is like no other. It's the only post workout drink to exclusively use very high DH whey protein hydrolysate as its sole source of protein. It's the highest quality whey protein that's been extensively treated with enzymes to provide a potent array of di & tri peptides for immediate absorption leading to an almost immediate increase in protein synthesis. This is coupled with an almost impossibly high 7,000mgs of L-Leucine to boost protein synthesis even further; results when combined with the included glucose polymer matrix verge on pharmaceutical. There is a downside though. When science comes first flavour often comes as an afterthought, and since Growth Matrix is at the pinnacle of sports science I'm the first to admit that it really does not taste that great. However if you can stomach the taste, pinch your nose& knock it back, not only will I give you a special reflex medal for your bravery I'll personally write the cheque to refund your money in full if you're not totally dumbfounded by the results you'll experience! James Phillips (Managing Director Reflex Nutrition) Why buy Growth Matrix? Post workout specific product, with optimum ratios of electrolytes, aminos, peptides and minerals for the most effective post workout all in one formula for recovery and muscle growth Contains creapure creatine volumising muscle cells for maximum absortion 7000mg's of added L-Leucine in every serving Whey protein source with a very high degree of hydrolysis for optimal absortion and the most comprehensive amino acid profile available in whey protein No comprimisation on quality for taste, texture or any other factor Reflex Nutrition has been making sports nutrition supplements for over 10 years. During those 10 years we have reviewed credible research in relation to intense weight training, supplementation and novel r

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