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Carbohydrate Powder, Ultra Carb Carbohydrate Powder, Ultra Carb from The Protein Works is a simple yet scientifically driven carbohydrate blend designed to promote pure lean muscle growth and help support muscle repair and recovery post training. Carbohydrate Powder, Ultra Carb is designed to be the perfect carbohydrate formula to add to your protein shake post workout for the key nutrient window. Manufactured to our own exacting standards in-house using the finest quality ingredients on the market today. PCarbohydrate Powder, Ultra Carb Insight The post workout nutrient window is believed by many experts to be the most important one for athletes and people who train. Put simply this is because you need to feed the muscles that are exhausted and starved of nutrients following training for them to repair and regrow. More specifically the type of carbohydrates you consume with your protein have been shown to have a profound effect on your muscle recovery and growth. This is why we created Ultra Carb, since backed by years of research, this scientifically calculated formula has been shown to work with your protein of choice. It shuttles the aminos and protein to the muscles quicker and creates a far better muscle building environment within the muscles than if you were to consume protein alone. Looking at the formula of Ultra Blend in more detail, it contains a 50/50 split of dextrose and maltodextrin that provides a tapered release of quick absorbing carbohydrates to the muscles. This not only promotes muscle glycogen replenishment but also helps to shuttle the protein and amino acids to the muscles far more effectively and kick-start muscle growth. Carbohydrate Powder, Ultra Carb has also been enhanced with 1000mg of glycine, an amino acid that’s been shown to increase the muscle building potential of the carbohydrates we consume, whilst at the same time promoting glucose uptake and glycogen retention. Carbohydrate Powder, Ultra Carb Quality Here at TPW, you can have

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