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Protein Porridge Pots Protein Porridge Pots from The Protein Works are a ground-breaking innovation that re-defines the classic porridge. Each Protein Porridge pot is packed with over 22g of premium grade multi-sourced protein to provide a tapered release, plus over 38g of low GI carbs to help supercharge your day. In addition, it is gluten free due to the inclusion of our premium grade gluten free oat flakes. We've also included a TPW performance boosting vitamin blend and nutrient dense colostrum. Made as always with our acclaimed natural flavours, Protein Porridge pots are the ultimate in convenience. Simply add hot water and consume! Protein Porridge Pots Protein Blend Whilst Protein Porridge Pots provide a whole array of health benefits including fat loss and immune boosting properties, it is first and foremost a nutritionally balanced meal. This is because it's a great source of low glycaemic index, fibrous carbohydrates. These low GI carbs keep you slowly energised and feeling full throughout the day. Protein Porridge pots also contain over 22g of multi-sourced protein to deliver a tapered release to support the body's needs. The protein blend is contains both premium grade whey protein concentrate and milk protein to help ensure the body has a healthy supply of protein and amino acids to help repair and regrow. Supercharged Protein Porridge Pots The TPW Lab have also included our unique performance boosting multi-vitamin blend which works with natural health boosting properties of the oats to further support the body's immune system. Finally, we have added colostrum, otherwise known as a "super protein". Colostrum contains a variety of biologically active proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that not only support the maintenance of lean tissue but also help boost overall health. Our Innovative Take on the Classic Porridge At The Protein Works we dare to challenge the norm. We are insanely passionate about re-defining sports nutrition for the benefit

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