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What Is Flaxseeds, Fibre? Flaxseeds, Fibre are a nutrient-dense powerhouse that’s renowned for being rich in dietary fibre, omega 3 and vital polyunsaturated fatty acids. Also known as linseed, Flaxseeds, Fibre is made from the flax plant and has been used in ancient medicine for years. Fast forward to the present day and the amazing nutritional properties of Organic Brown Flaxseed are now recognised by modern science. Identified as an excellent source of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins it’s not surprising they now form part of many healthy diet plans. Where Does Flaxseeds, Fibre Come From? The exact origins of Flaxseeds, Fibre is hard to say. It’s believed the earliest archaeological evidence of wild flax seeds comes from 8000 BC Europe. But it wasn’t until 6000 BC when larger sites of cultivated flaxseeds were found. Nutritional historians therefore believe we began farming flaxseeds from 6000 BC onwards. Now, because of the cool climates in which the flax plant can be grown, flax seeds are grown all over the world. How To Include Organic Brown Flaxseeds, Fibre In Your Diet? There’s no exact strict way to include v in your diet. In fact, in the TPW community alone there has been many so many awesome flaxseed infused recipes shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and THE LOCKER ROOM. This includes sprinkling it on TPW Protein Porridge, TPW Protein Pancakes or TPW Protein Granola. Others like to add it to their cereal, yoghurt and cottage cheese to enhance their healthy fat content. Lastly, because of the delicate, smooth, nutty texture many people will simply add it to their shakes too. The Organic Brown Flaxseed and Chocolate Peanut Cookie Whey Protein 80 combination being an absolute favourite at TPW Towers. Why are Flaxseeds, Fibre So Healthy? The main reason Flaxseeds, Fibre is considered so healthy is because there are very few food sources that pack as many vitamin, minerals and healthy fats into one single serving. As scientists are still discovering more

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