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Protein Shaker, TPW Mug Protein Shaker, TPW Mug could be the greatest thing you’ve ever drunk from. Pristine white, durable and with a ceramic finish, each one comes fully branded with THE PROTEIN WORKS logo proudly displayed down both sides. No cupboard, kettle or kitchen should be without one. Of course, you won't be short of TPW greats to put in your TPW Mug, starting with the Big Z and Protein Coffee Coolers. Why not ‘think outside’ the hot chocolate and coffee regulars and get creative with our record-breaking Protein Mug Cake Mix. You can even nail a Diet Protein Mousse Dessert or even Protein Granola in these bad boys! How To Use Your Protein Shaker, TPW Mug There is no right or wrong way to use your TPW Mug. All methods and means are welcome and at HQ we’ve seen some crazy creations come out of the kitchen. The Protein Granola infused Protein Mug Cake being a particular favourite post workout. But Pure Fine Oats mixed with Apple 'n' Cinnamon Whey Protein 80, warmed for 10 seconds in the microwave is a very close second. If you get the consistency right it tastes like warm apple pie. Basically ‘think outside’ of the tea and coffee regulars and use your TPW Mug however and whenever you want. Don’t feel the need to adhere to conventional culinary law. Protein Shaker, TPW Mug – Quality & Durability To understand the quality of each and every Protein Shaker, TPW Mug you first need to understand the history behind their creation. See it was during the colder months of the year that those in the TPW Gym were warming their hands on a mug of Protein Coffee Coolers before gripping the cold bar for an Olympic Lifting session. Most mugs weren’t durable enough to be left around a colossal clean and jerk, so the TPW Mug was created. A hand-warming, pre-workout containing, hard-wearing mug that can be used anywhere and everywhere. Protein Shaker, TPW Mug and Other Accessories Hand-warming gym sessions aside, the TPW Mug forms part of our ever growing accessory range. What

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