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What is a TPW Breakfast Bircher? Breakfast Bircher from THE PROTEIN WORKS is our take on a breakfast classic. It is a delicious, protein-packed variation on soaked muesli, which is designed to be prepared in advance and then served cold alongside fresh fruit and yoghurt. It is named after its creator- Dr Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss doctor and nutrition expert named “the Father of all muesli”. TPW Breakfast Bircher is made in the style that Dr Bircher-Benner made famous, with every serving containing a mouth-watering combination of fruit, nuts and low-GI oats to ensure a slower release of energy. TPW Breakfast Bircher contains a premium non-dairy blend of white hemp protein and brown rice protein, with each serving dishing out 14g of protein, making it an ideal for vegetarians. The legends in the TPW lab have taken this traditional breakfast and given it a sprinkle of the wizardry that you’ll only find here at THE PROTEIN WORKS. Because of this, you’ll find our Breakfast Bircher is available in 3 all-natural flavour options: Super Berry, Coffee & Hazelnut and Almond & Apricot.

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