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What Is Premium Biltong? Biltongfrom TPW is a whole different ball game. Our Biltong takes a traditional, age-old South African recipe and pimps it up in true TPW style! Made with premium British cuts of beef, each and every bag is seasoned with a special blend of herbs and spices. What’s left is a protein-packed snack that’s unrivalled in terms of taste, flavour and protein content. Using over 200g of the finest British beef to make 100g of TPW Biltong, this is the ideal convenience food for anyone on a high protein diet. Or just those who know premium grade meat when they see it. Why Is Biltong a Good Protein Snack? Taste and texture aside, TPW Biltong is a brilliant high protein snack due to its nutritional profile. Beef is of course known for being a complete (whole) protein. What this means is it contains all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for the nutritional needs of athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle. But perhaps more importantly for those dieting, it’s also renowned for being incredibly low in both carbohydrates and fat. Why Is Premium Biltong So Popular? The honest answer is there’s too many to list. If you ask a dietician they’ll recite its awesome, previously mentioned, nutritional content. But as ask a South African BBQ aficionado and they’ll give you four different reasons; Chill Chutney, Peri Peri Hot, Teriyaki and Original. Yes, after months of development and sourcing the perfect blend of herbs and spices these are the first TPW Biltong flavours. Each one we’re insanely proud of at TPW Towers and each one serving as an epic ‘mouth party’. How Do You Include Biltong In Your Diet? The benefits of a high protein diet are now well reported both in sports science and the mainstream health media. Anyone who’s tried our award-winning TPW shakes will know they’re a brilliant way to help meet your elevated protein requirements for the day. But at TPW we’re also committed to providing premium-grade, quality whole foods in your diet too

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