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What is 5% Nutrition Real Food?Dedication to your training is one thing, but nutrition makes a profound impact to your performance, recovery time and overall results. Creator of 5% Nutrition, Rich Piana, is an advocate of natural, whole foods as part of a dietary regimen. If youre particularly lean, increasing your calorie intake can facilitate muscle gain. Consistently eating balanced meals throughout the day, however, isnt always feasible; hence, Real Food was created.Real Food is a carbohydrate blend; its made up of powdered yams, sweet potato and oats, providing sustainable energy. Yams and sweet potato are naturally rich in nutrients such as potassium, plus beta-carotene, which is responsible for their orangey-yellow hue. The body converts this phytochemical into retinol (or vitamin A), which has notable, antioxidant properties. Oats are a source of beta-glucans a type of fibre thought to optimise the immune system an important mechanism in being active and healthy. Additionally, Real Food includes blueberry powder, lending to high levels of anthocyanins (phytochemicals), which have been shown to help negate oxidative stress. Real Food can be conveniently incorporated into your meals and snacks to boost your intake of clean calories, blasting your nutritional targets! Whats makes its formula special?|| In every scoop, youre getting 20g of carbohydrates from whole food sources: yams, sweet potato, oats and blueberry powder.|| A natural source of fibre (1.7g per serve), plus vitamin A and potassium. || With natural flavours; sweetened with sucralose. || Mixes easily with milk, water or other shakes, food/recipes. || Available in delicious flavours. How can 5% Nutrition Real Food help me reach my goals?The foundations of gaining muscle start with nutrition it doesnt matter how well you train, you need an adequate supply of nutrients to support growth and recovery. Even with the best of intentions, a busy lifestyle can prevent you from getting all the calories you need to tip things in your favour. Its not always practical to prepare perfectly balanced meals from scratch throughout the day and this is where Real Food comes in. As a carb powder made real food sources, this innovative addition to the 5% nutrition range allows you to add sustenance to your food by an accessible, no-fuss means. It works to replenish glycogen stores that deplete during activity, contributing to muscle development. Whether youre a bodybuilder or endurance athlete, Real Food can have a place in your supplement bank! Who is 5% Nutrition Real Food suitable for?|| Bodybuilders and weight-trainers on the lean side (a classic ectomorph), looking for an easy way to increase their caloric intake, cleanly. || Endurance athletes who are carb-loading.

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