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Protein Dynamix™ CLA is a premium quality Conjugated Linoleic Acid supplement which is extremely popular amongst those looking to reduce body fat whilst maintaining lean muscle.
As a naturally occurring fatty acid, research shows that CLA literally diverts the calories you eat away from fat storage and into muscle tissue. Using the highest strength and purity of CLA, each 1000mg serving provides a massive 800mg of CLA Isomers which are the active components of this revered weight management supplement. As a non-stimulant based supplement, CLA is ideal for those who do not like the side effects often associated with other fat burning products like caffeine and thermogenics.
Some of the most relevant research performed on CLA suggests it can help reduce levels of body fat by diverting calories away from fat cells and towards muscle. This process enables a reduction in stored fat and can also increase the amount of fat used for energy.
Together with a balanced training and nutrition plan, CLA is the kind of supplement that can fast track your goals and help you #BeYourBest

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