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Protein Dynamix™ Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a healthy source of fatty acids, used by the body as a high quality form of energy.
MCTs are fatty acids that have a unique make-up that allows them to be digested in the liver and used as a direct source of energy…much like carbohydrates. MCTs are therefore metabolised much more efficiently than other forms of fat whilst having little potential to be stored as body fat. With around 8 calories in 1g of MCTs, they provide a much more dense source of usable energy when compared to the 4 calorie value in 1g of carbohydrate.
The fact that MCTs digest immediately to produce energy and stimulate metabolism has led athletes to use them as a means to enhance exercise performance. Replacing more standard sources of fat and carbohydrates with MCTs can have a very positive effect on body weight due to their ability to be burnt as energy and increase your metabolic rate. Protein Dynamix™ MCTs are a high quality source of energy for all exercise types and goals.
Ideal for use as a single ingredient or combined with your other sports supplements, you can use MCTs at your specific dose rates to boost your daily nutrition routine…all with the aim of helping you #BeYourBest

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