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Protein Dynamix™ Maltodextrin is a premium quality carbohydrate which provides a fast acting source of energy for all forms of exercise.
Within sports nutrition, Maltodextrin is regarded as a superior carbohydrate source when compared to Fructose and Dextrose. Fructose is digested very slowly, resulting in a delayed source of energy whilst it also sits in the stomach causing bloating and stomach cramp. Dextrose is very sweet and has an extremely high sugar content that makes it nutritionally inferior and rather unpalatable during exercise. Maltodextrin is faster absorbing, less sweet and more nutritionally balanced.
Carbohydrates are the body’s key source of fuel and are required to ensure muscle glycogen levels are maintained for optimal physical performance. Without carbohydrates, the body would not be able to function fully especially during exercise, much the same as a car without petrol! As a high GI (glycaemic index) rated simple carbohydrate, Maltodextrin is rapidly absorbed which allows for a fast supply of energy before, during and after exercise. Maltodextrin can be consumed as part of your carbohydrate loading strategy in the days and hours prior to training or competition. This strategy helps load the muscles with glycogen to ensure they are primed for activity and complements a high carbohydrate diet. Alternatively, Maltodextrin can also be consumed during and after exercise to maintain performance levels and promote the recovery process, respectively.
Consumed as an energy drink with water, this high quality ingredient can also encourage proper hydration levels. Protein Dynamix™ Maltodextrin is a high quality, partially hydrolysed carbohydrate for rapid energy. Ideal for use as a single ingredient or combined with your other sports supplements, you can use Maltodextrin at your specific dose rates to boost your daily nutrition routine…all with the aim of helping you #BeYourBest

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