Selenium with Vitamins A-C-E 200mcg (360 Tablets)


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Selenium is an essential trace element and a powerful antioxidant. It works by mopping up cell-damaging, unstable oxygen molecules known as free radicals.Free radicals are linked to cell damage and the potential effects of aging such as skin wrinkles. Our formula contains 200mcg of Selenium double that offered by our competitors. Although we only need small amounts of Selenium combining it with the vitamins A, C and E it enhances its potential effects. Vitamin A (as non-toxic Beta-Carotene) is an important antioxidant in its own right, as are vitamins C and E plus the added benefit of their own unique repair and maintenance properties.Where is it found ?Brazil nuts are the best source of selenium. Yeast, whole grains, and seafood are also good sources. Animal studies have found that selenium from yeast is better absorbed than selenium in the form of selenite.What is its function

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