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Highest purity Creapure® creatine monohydrate capsules
A market leading PREMIUM supplement
To achieve supreme results from your fitness regime, you need to be combining the right exercises with the right supplementary support. Protein Dynamix™ Total Creatine is indisputably a supplement that can help get results quickly but also safely. The secret to this particular product's efficacy is Creapure®.
Perhaps you've already heard some of the guys down the gym raving about Creapure®? As well as being unquestionably effective, part of Creapure's® popularity is down to it being so quick and easy to take. The easy to get down capsules are small but amazingly power- packed. You get an incredible 750mg of Creapure® in each capsule. Imagine that.
The supplement top bodybuilders use
Rather than pumping iron with endless reps and in several sets (before adding more kilos to the barbell), maybe you adopt a different approach? Perhaps your preferred way to train and get stronger is to embrace high intensity exercising. That can really be beneficial, can't it? Strength and power development achieved in a shorter time span. Successive short bursts. Explosive exercising. Frenzied gym work. “Go! Go! Go!”
OK, it can still be one hell of a workout, and you may be panting heavily and sweating buckets by the end of your session, but it's still an amazing way to train, isn't it? So, if you're going to work that hard in the gym or on the running track, surely your body deserves the very best in nutritional support underpinning everything throughout?
Protein Dynamix™ Total Creatine:

Is an astonishingly powerful ergogenic supplement, making it ideal for those focused upon strength and power training. No dedicated muscle-development programme is complete without this product being factored into the nutritional support side of things
Has been purposely developed to assist trainers who prefer explosive, high intensity exercise. Is that you?
Contains genuine Creapure® - the real thing made by the market-leading AlzChem of Germany, not some fake substitute (that could be dangerous, not to mention illegal), as well as Vitamin B12, Iodine and D-Biotin in every capsule

When your body can't generate enough ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to meet demand, Protein Dynamix™ Total Creatine is the solution. Saturate your muscles with creatine phosphate, and keep muscle fatigue at bay – affordably, quickly and with ease.

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