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BCAA Power, Leucine from THE PROTEIN WORKS is a premium grade amino acid scientifically shown to trigger new muscle growth. Leucine first became hugely popular when famously researchers from Maastricht University in the Netherlands discovered that protein consumed with leucine powder is far more effective at increasing muscle mass than protein alone. Ultimately sports scientists have found adding leucine powder to any protein shake dramatically increases its muscle building potential whether post workout or as a meal replacement. BCAA Power, Leucine Taken Post Workout BCAA Power, Leucine has been shown by sports scientists to possess the unique ability to signal to the muscles to repair and regrow, more than any other amino acid. Leucine does this by activating a muscle building pathway called the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). Put more simply your mTOR is an energy sensor and nutrient sensor that tells your muscles to repair and regrow. If you ingest enough leucine the mTOR tells the muscles to use the protein in the diet to grow. If there isn't enough leucine in the body, the mTOR is not triggered and you don't stimulate as much new muscle growth. This is why sports nutritionists state adding 3 grams of leucine to your post workout whey protein shake could make the biggest difference to the growth, repair and size of your muscles. BCAA Power, Leucine With Meals As well as taking leucine with your post workout protein shake, many strength athletes will also take 3 grams of leucine with their high protein meals throughout the day. This is because the BCAA Power, Leucine will again signal to the body that the protein in that meal should be used to repair and regrow the muscles. In the absence of leucine that same protein would instead be more prone to be treated as calories rather than a macronutrient needed for new muscle growth. Ultimately leucine is considered one of the best supplements for those looking to increase lean muscle. This is because it doesn't

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