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T Factor from THE PROTEIN WORKS is the most potent, natural T-booster on the market today. It contains impressive dosages of proven ingredients designed to help elevate T-levels and stimulate new muscle repair and strength. Testosterone Booster packs an unparalleled cocktail of premium grade T-boosting ingredients in a single capsule. This includes pharmaceutical grade D-Aspartic, ZMA® and Vitamin D3. Testosterone Booster helps promote new muscle growth through the activation of muscle building pathways that were dormant or running at below their optimal level before supplementing with it. Testosterone Booster has been scientifically designed to help bring T-levels and other growth compound levels back up to their optimal level. T-Factor can also be used in conjunction with most other supplements in the TPW range to favourably alter your body's biochemistry so you're better able to induce muscle repair and increase strength.

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