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Breakfast Protein Breakfast Protein is the ultimate morning protein shake specifically formulated for your morning nutrient window. Designed to restart and fuel your body at the start of the day, Breakfast Protein is an innovative formula engineered exclusively with premium grade ingredients. It is designed to help promote your physical and mental performance for the rest of the day. TPW Breakfast Protein incorporates a timed-release protein blend giving a tapered delivery of aminos to the body throughout the day. It also includes our trademark low GI supergrains formula and TPW Performance Boosting Vitamin & Mineral Blend providing over 200% of your RDA of key Vitamins and Minerals. Rapid Nutrient Delivery of Breakfast Protein Breakfast Protein is designed to cater for what many believe to be the most important meal of the day. This is because studies show upon waking your body requires a quick delivery of nutrients so it can begin to function at its optimal level. Whilst traditional breakfasts aren't without their merits, few can deliver the amount of nutrients as quickly as TPW's Breakfast Protein can. This is because the amino acids from the protein and the TPW Performance Boosting Vitamin & Mineral Blend are both all consumed in liquid form meaning they rapidly feed the body which has been fasting for 7-9 hours during sleep. Breakfast Protein & Optimal Performance Breakfast Protein is created to be more nutritionally complete than most traditional breakfasts and standard protein shakes. It's ideal for anyone wanting a comprehensive breakfast shake that provides key nutrients to the body first thing in the morning. To help you understand the science behind each ingredients inclusion, below we've broken down every component of the Breakfast Protein formula: Timed-Release Protein Blend - provides an instant delivery of protein and amino acids to the muscles to break the 7-9 hour of fast of sleeping. Followed by a slower timed release of aminos which keeps the body

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