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Premium Quality Whey Protein
Protein Dynamix™ Whey Protein Concentrate combines everything you know and love about whey protein in an excellent supplement with an extremely high protein content, and a rich amino acid profile featuring Glutamine and BCAA's. Amino acids are known as the building blocks of muscle tissue. This is the ideal premium shake to help towards the maintenance of muscle mass. If you regularly hit the gym in the hope of achieving that lean, trimmed physique you’ve always wanted, you could seriously benefit from this powerful protein supplement.
Fast absorbing protein for those who demand MORE
Never compromise on your workouts for the sake of slow-action protein. Instead, pick up the pace with whey protein concentrate, one of the fastest absorbing protein sources available on the market today.
Its high bioavailability means it can rapidly pass through the digestive process, providing amino acids directly to your muscles, just when they need them most. This is essential for muscle growth, and perfect for all of your fast-paced, demanding and intense workouts.
Including the highest quality protein, this exceptional supplement is the perfect way of increasing your daily protein intake through a great tasting and convenient shake.
What could be better than a shake that not only works, but is enjoyable to drink at the same time?
A popular supplement for an obvious reason
As one of the most popular supplements in sports nutrition, you may be wondering just what is included that makes it so good? Well, whey protein concentrate boasts an amazing amino acid profile that is rich in BCAAs and Glutamine. These crucial amino acids are the building blocks of muscle tissue, which help the body maintain a good protein balance.
Whey protein is versatile stuff, benefitting gym-goers in a number of ways. Use whey protein concentrate:

Directly before a workout
Directly after a workout
To stop catabolism, the breakdown of muscle
To promote anabolism that helps with muscle growth

Used by bodybuilders for decades (way before it became a mainstream sports supplement), whey protein has long been recognised as one of the easiest and most nutritious methods for promoting the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass. At Protein Dynamix™, we scoured the world for the highest quality ingredients with the best nutritional profile, simply because we feel you deserve better.
If you’re looking for the combination of intense and irresistible flavour with a premium quality sports supplement, or if you demand more from your regular protein shakes – look no further. We don’t take the importance of sports nutrition lightly, because we want you to #BeYourBest.
Build your muscle, tone your body and surpass all your fitness goals with a bit of help from Protein Dynamix™ Whey Protein Concentrate!

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