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Why did we create this Chef Bundle? With so many new innovations and products being launched every month here at Myprotein, we acknowledge that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up when you’re so spoilt for choice. However, we certainly don’t want you to miss out, so we have designed this exclusive Chef Bundle which is jam-packed with a selection of our latest tantalising flavours and popular products from protein powders to some of your favourite foods like syrups and cookies! What is in store for you? Impact Whey Isolate White Chocolate, 1kg What? – 90% protein content When to take? –30-60 mins pre/post workout for maximal benefits Why? At 93 calories per serving, delivering 22g of protein, this is a no-brainer for muscle mass Protein Mug Cake - Natural Chocolate - 500g What? – A new, exciting and delicious high protein treat that can be ready in less than 1 minute When to take? –Anytime throughout the day to increase your daily protein intake Why? - High in fibre,25g of protein per serving and an indulgent taste like no other! Protein Cookie, Oatmeal & Raisin, 12 x 75g What? – Myprotein's highest protein snack available to date baked using cutting edge technology to create a delectably soft texture.

When to take? –Consume as a nutritious snack to increase your daily protein intake.

Why? - An impressive 38g of protein per cookies. Protein contributes to the development and maintenance of muscle mass. On top of this, each cookie hosts 70% less sugar and 40% less fat than your standard supermarket cookie.

MYSYRUP - Passion Fruit, 400ml What? – Our naturally flavoured syrups contain zero sugar and fat, making them perfect for drizzling on porridge, pancakes and yoghurt.

When to take? –Enjoy as a delicious, guilt-free topping on your favourite desserts or pancakes anytime throughout the day.

Why? - These syrups are fat-free and sugar-free making them perfect as a way of adding sweetness and taste to your foods without the expense of any calories.

Flavdrops Liquid Flavouring, Maple, 50ml What? –A delicious and unique natural flavouring system with incredible versatility.

When to take? –Add 7-10 drops of FlavDrops to your desired porridges, cakes, coffees and more...

Why? - Zero calories and can be added to almost anything, without the additional calories than can sabotage your training and competition goals.

All of the aforementioned supplements should be taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, appropriate recovery and sleep and an individually tailored training program if you want to achieve the best results and performances.

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