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Product overview Active Women Pre-Workout™ is the perfect blend of Coconut Water, Vitamin C, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract & BCAAs for a pre-gym energy kick. Most pre-workouts on today’s market contain more than 100mg of caffeine, making it off-putting for individuals that prefer moderate amounts or those that choose to train in the evening. When developing Active Women Pre-Workout™ we put females in mind, scientifically selecting the right active ingredients and keeping the caffeine content to a minimum, yet still providing enough natural caffeine to increase focus and get you through a tough workout. Not only that, we’ve also used natural sources of caffeine with green tea and guarana extract to keep a clean ingredient profile.

What are the key benefits? Caffeine – Guarana and Green Tea Extract provide 75mg of caffeine to improve alertness and concentration, roughly the same amount of caffeine you would get from a regular cup of coffee! Coconut Water Powder - Sourced from the tropical country of Ecuador, Coconut Water Powder is taken from the Cocos nucifera plant, where its water is spray dried in to an ultrafine powder.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – We’ve used Fermented BCAA powder to provide 4g of BCAAs. Unlike regular BCAAs, fermented BCAAs originate from plant based ingredients.

Vitamin C – 40mg of Vitamin C per serving contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, just what’s needed before you embark on an intense gym session.

Choline – A popular ingredient found in many diet blends, Choline contributes to normal lipid metabolism.

Is this product for me? Active Women Pre-Workout™ is a great product for all women looking to enhance their performance in the gym or any activity. 75mg of caffeine is much lower compared to most pre-workouts found on the market, making it a perfect alternative for those who train later in the day.

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