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Product Overview
The Hype Stirrup Handle is an effective cable machine attachment, suitable for high and low pulleys making it extremely versatile. Designed to deliver a range of upper body exercises to increase muscle size and strength. Hype’s Stirrup Handle can expand your workout and provides intense isolated workouts. Targeting a variety of muscle groups to maximise training effects and improve muscle mass and strength gains.The Hype Stirrup Handle attachment allows you to perform a range single-arm exercises, perfect to improve upper body strength and build lean muscles. These include; Chest and fly cross overs, bicep curls, front and lateral raises. Alongside lat pulls, seated rows, bent over rows…. And much more!Hype’s Stirrup is ideal for anyone looking to improve upper body strength and improve muscle definition and a great aid for those partaking in weight-training programs. The Hype Stirrup Handle is designed to be used with cable machines and is suitable for gym and home use. Cable training works your muscles from different angles, helping to keep your muscles engaged and delivering an intense core workout. Hype’s Stirrup Handle features a have duty design, perfect to cope with high load exercises and provides a smooth workout.Perfect to increase muscle strength and power, leading to extreme muscle gain results and improved performance.
When Best To Take The Product
Use to improve upper body strength and build lean muscle.

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