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The Hype Balanced V Bar is a useful attachment that can be used for any cable exercise equipment. Designed to target the triceps and biceps, for maximum muscle growth gains.V Bars are ideal to use to target muscles during training, improving muscle strength and increasing muscle growth. Designed to enable to provide a range of muscle strength exercises such as; Straight arm pulldowns, standing and overhead cable curls. As well as bent over rows and tricep pushdowns.The Hype Balanced V Bar has been designed to provide maximum tension on the triceps and biceps. Resulting in increased muscle size, strength and power. Whilst the balanced construction of the Hype V Bar provides, fluid follow-through movement with optimum resistance. And has been ergonomically designed allowing continuous and consistent tension throughout training.Hype Balanced V Bar also features a comfortable rubber grip handles, for added comfort and protection during use. Ensuring a non-slip surface when reaching optimum stress levels.The Hype Balanced V Bar provides a full range of motion for all biceps and triceps exercises. Ideal to help increase lean muscle growth and achieve mass gains, improving overall strength and physical performance.

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