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One sheep. Two sheep. Three sheep. Oh, forget counting sheep. There must be a quicker way to drift into a peaceful sleep! Sleep is important to over everyday health. It affects our mood, our concentration, and our alertness. Did you know it also affects your skin too? When we sleep, our skin cells repair themselves and harmful toxins are removed. So it’s important that we have a restful night Here at myvitamins, we made it simple. We’ve put together a special bundle that will send you into a peaceful slumber The myvitamins Sleeping Beauty bundle provides the perfect bedtime routine. Our special formulation contains zinc to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails, magnesium to help you wake up more refreshed, and a hint of lemon balm also helps to promote a restful night’s sleep. It works harmoniously with This Works Pillow Spray and eye mask to help you fall asleep quicker and wake feeling more refreshed.

No more counting sheep. When used daily, the Sleeping Beauty bundle is the perfect formulae for the perfect night’s sleep.

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