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PhD Nutrition Leucine tablets are a premium Leucine supplement. It is ideal for those who seek increase muscle repair & improved recovery. Perfect to be taken before or after exercise.
L-Leucine is an essential Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA). This Amino Acid is essential for tissue repair within the muscles and cannot be produced by the body.
PhD L-Leucine can also help to remove waste deposits, improving nitrogen retention – Key to muscle growth.  Popular with many athletes, bodybuilders and weight trainers as part of their nutritional plans.
PhD Nutrition Leucine is known as the “main” amino acid as it’s the most prominent amino. It helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis.
Studies show that leucine is the most anabolic (growth promoting) amino acid. It is the 4th most concentrated amino acid in your muscle and has the ability to stimulate the manufacturing of new proteins.
PhD Nutrition Leucine is the most ideal supplement to be taking before and after training due to the benefits it can give us.
PhD Nutrition Leucine makes an excellent stack with PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ and can also be used alongside PhD Nutrition VMX2 as a pre workout stack.
PhD Nutrition Leucine can also be used before bedtime. When we sleep our body breaks down muscle for energy. Leucine will help return our body from a catabolic state (muscle wasting) to an anabolic state (muscle growth) rapidly.
PhD Nutrition Leucine provides a high quality important amino acid in a convenient capsule format. Making it ideal and easy to maintain your daily intake.
Leucine cannot be made in our body, however it is very important to anyone who trains. This means it needs to be either found in food or supplemented.
Each serving of PhD Nutrition Leucine contains 500mg of Leucine. Stack is with PhD Nutrition Intra BCAA+ to double your dosages and use it as an intra workout.
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