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PhD's Flapjack+ provides 19g protein and only 2g sugar and less than 3g of saturated fat per serving, a perfect option for those on weight management plans and calorie controlled diets.
The PhD Protein Flapjack uses quality whey protein isolates and premium malted oats, resulting in a slow release of 37g carbohydrates. This helps your body to continue to work had through training and throughout the day.
PhD Protein Flapjack Plus provides you with a pre or post workout protein boost and is a nutritiously balanced snack.
PhD Nutrition Protein Flapjacks only contain 2g of sugar. This is very low for a flapjack and that leads to only 270 calories per bar. These can be used throughout the day to boost your protein intake, calorie intake or even carbohydrate intake.
PhD Nutrition Protein Flapjacks contain an oat blend. This means there is more than one source of oats. These include Malted Oats, Rolled Oats and Oat Flavour. This will help with sustained release of energy.
PhD Nutrition Protein Flapjacks also contain a protein blend. This includes Milk Protein, Hydrolysed Gelatine and Whey Protein Concentrate. Protein blends will help keep protein levels and amino levels elevated in our body.
PhD Nutrition Protein Flapjacks come in three delicious flavours. These include Apple & Raspberry, Peanut Butter and Forest Berries.
PhD Nutrition Protein Flapjacks can be eaten throughout the day. This won’t affect any nutrition plan or healthy diet plan. They are a great addition to a nutrition plan.
PhD Nutrition Protein Flapjacks delivery the next level of convenient nutrition. When you’re on the move, when you’re at your office desk, when you’ve just finished the gym. Eat one wherever you are.
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