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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein 909g is the World's No. 1 all-micellar Casein. And even better - It tastes delicious, is sugar free and is only 10 calories per serving!
The great taste of Optimum Nutrition's Casein provides protein over a sustained period of time and is great value for money.
Casein proteins are pH sensitive and it can take more than twice as long for caseins to be broken-down into their amino acid subcomponents than whey and other proteins.
The Caseins feature a unique time-release, aptly described as anti-catabolic or muscle-protecting proteins. Slowing the rate of protein digestion can be beneficial, as the delayed release is beneficial throughout the whole day.
Recommended to be taken at night, each great tasting Optimum Nutrition Casein Shake contains 24g of the purest protein, 3g of carbohydrates, but just 0.5g of fat and no sugar.
Simply add one rounded scoop to 300-360ml of water, milk or your favourite drink in an ON shaker half an hour before bed. It's also simple to mix up easily, every time.
Used together, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey and Gold Standard 100% Casein can deliver 24 hour muscle support.
Casein has the same properties as casein micelle. This creates the ability to form a clot in your stomach. Making this digest slowly and have a steady release of amino acids.
The best time to take it is before sleep as when you’re sleeping your body starves energy. What happens if that your body breaks down muscle for this. Casein helps release amino acids which help prevent muscle break down.
Optimum Nutrition are renowned for their products. They have some of the best flavours and some of the best products with the ingredients that work.
This product comes in many delicious flavours including – Banana, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry and Vanilla.
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