Pro Meals™ - 6 x 380g - Lemon Chicken & Sweet Potato Mash


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What are Pro Meals™?Pro Meals™ are tray meals that are not only high in protein, but have serious flavour. We’ve used the finest foods to create three gourmet dishes, lemon chicken with sweet potato mash, spanish style chicken with wholegrain rice and turkey meatballs with cooked wholegrain pasta. Pro Meals™ are specially packed in a protective twin tray, meaning they can be stored at ambient temperatures. These tasty meals provide the perfect solution for a quick bite when you don’t have time to prep!What are the key benefits of Pro Meals™?Pro Meals™ provide ultimate high protein convenience. They’re ready in as little as three minutes and can be taken with you to work or whilst travelling, making them perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle and macro targets to hit. Besides tasting excellent, Pro Meals™ provide roughly 400 calories per tray and are high in protein and carbohydrates whilst being low in fat, allowing you to enjoy a super-quick nutrient boost. These unique meals truly compliment the needs of a healthy balanced diet.Who are Pro Meals™ suitable for?Pro Meals™ are suitable for anyone looking for a filling, gourmet-style high protein meal. The flavours will appeal to all ages and you’ll feel like you’re getting a real treat with these. Whether it’s at home or in the office, simply pierce the film several times and pop it in the microwave for two minutes, leave to stand for 1 minute and it’s ready. Enjoy!

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