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My Protein Thermopure is a potent thermogenic supplement. Helping to support weight loss goals, whilst maintaining lean tissue.
Thermopure uses a cutting edge formula. Providing 150mg Caffeine to help increase energy and improve mental focus. While Vitamin and Vitamin B6 reduces tiredness and fatigue, supporting the normal function of the immune system.
Thermopure has added Chromium too which will help support and maintain normal blood glucose levels. This is essential for health and wellbeing. Without normal blood glucose levels, it can result into spiking of insulin.
Caffeine has been proven to help raise energy levels and alertness helping you blast through your workout.
Thermopure is perfect for any male or female athlete. You can use this as a pre workout capsule due to its caffeine content also.
 My Protein Thermopure capsules have been designed to create a very natural, yet powerful stimulant.
Thermopure has added Vitamin b12. This can help with preventing a certain anemia call megaloblastic that makes people tired and weak.
So if you’re looking to get some calories burnt in the gym, looking for a product that will give you the push, this is perfect for you.
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