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What is Reflex BCAA Energy RTD?The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are crucial to muscle protein synthesis, which is why they feature heavily in sports nutrition. Whatever type of training you do, BCAAs can offer advantage to your performance and recovery. Reflex BCAA Energy is a blend of BCAAs, caffeine and key nutrients, delivered as a sparkling and highly refreshing, ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage.Established in 1996, Reflex continuously strive to produce the very best in supplements and nutritional products across the board. A passion for quality assurance and expert credentials are behind the brands glowing reputation. BCAA Energy RTD contains an impressive, 5,000mg dose of l-leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine in the trusted 2:1:1 ratio. According to research, this offers superior potency, and helps to sustain muscle growth and repair. Caffeine has been added to provide stimulation, working to prolong stamina and enhance mental clarity. These effects are further supported by vitamin B6, which contributes to energy yielding metabolism. With zero sugar, BCAA Energy RTD is ideal for anyone following a carb-restricted eating plan. Its a convenient solution before a workout, or any time of day you require a boost. What makes its formula special?|| Each 330ml RTD delivers BCAAs in the recommended 2:1:1 ratio, said to facilitate muscle fibre regeneration.|| Caffeine (120mg per serve) functions as a powerful physical and mental stimulant. || Fortified with vitamin B6 to assist energy metabolism. || Free from added sugar. || Suitable for vegetarians.|| Multi-packs allow you to prepare in advance for when you need invigoration!|| Available in a superbly crisp, fruity flavour!How can Reflex BCAA Energy RTD help me reach my goals?With todays fast-paced lifestyle, a little pick-me-up can work wonders on your training days. However, what if your energy drink of choice offered more? With concentrated delivery of BCAAs, plus vitamin B6, the BCAA Energy RTD aids muscle development whilst bringing extra pow to your day! Whats more, being void of added sugar, it can work in tangent with your fat loss/stay lean targets. Enjoy at your desk, on the way to the gym, or when mental focus is a priority. Who is Reflex BCAA Energy RTD suitable for?|| Active individuals, looking for a quality BCAA formulation/energy drink/pre-workout.|| Those with fat loss/maintenance on the agenda, and are thus, mindful of their carb intake.

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