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Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine plays a role in transporting fatty acids into your body's cells for the production of ATP.
Mitochondria acts as the engine in your cells. It helps by burning fats to create usable energy. Your body can actually produce L-Carnitine out of lysine and methionine. Synthesised in the liver and kidneys and is especially important for the skeletal and cardiac muscles.
Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine can help with blood flow and nitric oxide product, helping delay the “burn” sensation and reduce fatigue.
It can also help with improving recovery times and muscle soreness. It may also help with increasing the production of red blood cells which transport oxygen throughout your body and muscles.
Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine delivers an impressive 500mg L-Carnitine per Capsule, designed to use unwanted fat stores as fuel for energy - Especially during exercise.
Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine may have health benefits on the brain function. It has been shown to help protect the brain from cell damage.
Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine may also help with red blood cell production and help transport oxygen throughout the body and muscles.
Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine Capsules are great for those seeking an effective weight loss supplement or training aid. Suitable for both men and women, available in a convenient and simple to use capsule form.
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