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What is Reflex Protein Coffee?Coffee lovers will rejoice at Reflexs protein coffee creation! It offers the familiar indulgence of a regular iced coffee, but with zero added sugar, along with pure milk protein to assist muscle growth and repair. Premium Arabica coffee beans provide naturally occurring caffeine and a rich, nutty flavour. This is the ultimate pick-me-up and muscle-building support in one! Protein Coffee can be enjoyed in the morning, before you train, or at any time of day you need a boost. Owing to its low carb content, its suitable for a range of goals especially if getting (or staying) lean is high on the agenda. As a brand, Reflex are renowned for their range of innovative sports nutrition products, with extensive, scientific research at the heart of every creation. Milk sourced from grass-fed cattle is used in several of their whey and milk-based products to include Protein Coffee. Studies indicate that this offers a superior nutritional profile, compared with grain-fed counterparts. Reportedly, grass-feeding cattle can result in greater levels of omega-3 fatty acids (in dairy products thereof), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and other nutrients such as vitamin E. Its also said to be a more humane practice. Protein Coffee tastes amazing just like an iced latte, but with leaner, cleaner ingredients! Whats makes its formula special?|| Every 250ml ready-to-drink (RTD) can contains 25g of grass-fed milk protein to support muscle development.|| With no added sugar to help you stay on track of your slimming plan. || Arabica beans deliver an aromatic coffee experience, with a naturally occurring caffeine hit!|| Serves as a nutritious option around your training, keeping carbs to a minimum. || No need for refrigeration, and available in a multipack for your convenience. How can Reflex Protein Coffee help me reach my goals?Protein Coffee allows you to factor in vital protein that orchestrates muscle development, whilst enjoying a refreshing beverage. You can feel confident that whilst your focus and vigour are being sharpened due to the caffeine, protein is at work, repairing trained muscles! You can factor in Protein Coffee whenever required to help you meet your protein requirements. This assists not only your recovery, but can help to increase satiety levels, too. Being low in sugar, this works doubly to your advantage, helping you to streamline your physique. Who is Protein Coffee suitable for?|| Coffee lovers looking for a nutritious alternative to sugar-laden iced lattes!|| Athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all descriptions from bodybuilders to endurance athletes wanting a natural caffeine boost with added protein.|| Those following weight management programmes, looking for a low-carb/sugar way to enjoy their favourite beverage!

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