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USN Natures Energy Bar is a high quality protein bar that has been formulated with natural ingredients to give you a great tasting bar.
USN Natures Energy Bar is a convenient snack bar that has been developed to feed your body with the correct balance of nutrients to keep your body working as it should.
 USN Natures Energy Bar only contains 196 calories so is perfect for anyone following a calorie restricted diet. It is basically a guilt free snack.
USN Natures Energy Bar is made up of Oats. This helps with a sustain release of low glycaemic index carbohydrates. This keeps blood sugar levels balanced and doesn’t spike them which can cause to fat gain.
USN Natures Energy Bar carbohydrate content can be utilized after training. It helps with restoring your glycogen stores. This will help with recovery and increasing muscle.
USN Natures Energy Bar provides you with 26g of carbohydrates. This will give you a sustained release of energy for if you’re running, cycling, walking or hitting the weights.
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