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Heavy and repetitive weight-lifting can do a lot of damage to your muscles and joints. Mutant Rehab addresses 3 physiological processes during the post-workout period to help you build bigger muscles and stronger joints: Increases protein synthesis and nutrient loadingHard workouts lead to lower glycogen levels. Low glycogen levels can then lead to slower recovery times and a decrease in protein synthesis. Scientific studies have shown that the same ratios of carbs/protein used in Mutant Rehab can effectively increase glycogen levels and protein synthesis in muscles. This helps maximize protein efficiency to promote the anabolic environment needed for faster muscle recovery and growth. Helps lower catabolic hormone activityHigh-intensity weight-lifting can increase destructive catabolic hormones that lead to muscle damage and a slower rate of growth. Mutant Rehabs goal is to shift your body from a catabolic state to an anabolic state after training. When taken immediately after your workout, Mutant Rehab helps stimulate insulin, which can effectively stop catabolic hormones in their tracks. Serious bodybuilders know that healthy joint movement is critical to lifting the heavy weight needed for Mutant muscle. But over time, constant weight-lifting can reduce the strength of your joints and their ability to support heavy dumbbells and barbells. Thats why Mutant Rehab contains a clinical dose of Glucosamine and other compounds needed for efficient rebuilding of soft connective tissues found in joints. Promotes joint healthNo other post-workout supplement can exceed the demands of bodybuilders like new Mutant Rehab. An enriched formula that helps stop muscle breakdown and joint inflammation, Mutant Rehab is the choice to trust for daily anabolic muscle growth and recovery. Dont settle for mainstream formulas that fall short of your high expectations, enter Rehab today and leave humanity behind!Mutant Rehab Highlights: || Formulated to maximize muscle and joint repair || Designed to increase anabolic hormone activity for gains in muscle size and strength || Forces rapid intra-muscular protein synthesis and nutrient loading || The most complete post-workout formula for bodybuilders

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