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Optimum Nutrition  Jug has been designed at the highest quality and is made to fit 1.8 litres of water. Perfect for anyone wanting to stay hydrated.
Hydration is key when it comes when it comes to trying to hit your goals and water is always needed. It is very convenient for the gym or even your desk at work.
Optimum Nutrition is a stylish, black colour and features "gold stadnard zone" on the front. It comes with a gold screw cap.
Optimum Nutrition is made with BPA free material meaning there are no toxic plastics involved. It is suitable for gym and home use.
Optimum Nutrition  is compact in size, making it a convenient size to transport and store. It provides the ideal solution to help maintain a healthy fluid intake.
Optimum Nutrition  is water tight and the seal is very strong. The screw cap prevents any content from leaking out.
Optimum Nutrition  also has a carry handle, making it easy access to drink from when training or doing exercise.

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