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Hype Lifting Straps are high quality weight lifting straps. Designed to aid safer weight lifting and provides important back support. The Hype Lifting Straps are perfect for back training exercises or completing deadlifts. The straps are designed to take the strain from deadlifts. Hype’s Lifting Straps lock your hands to the bar comfortably and once you're ready to release the bar, just simply let go of the strap. These Hype Lifting Straps are ideal for lifting heavy weights, removing forearm tension. Helping to improve training performance and maximise results. Using the Hype Lifting Straps it will help focus on the lift, helping to eliminate using any muscles that you shouldn't be using. Increasing contact with the bar and improving gripping strength.The Hype Lifting Strap is designed to aid muscle build exercises and provide back support, one size fits all. Hype lifting Straps are made from a strong and durable material - Making these one of the best weight lifting straps available. 
A durable weight lifting strap, designed to improve performance. 

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