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Perfect for those who love to workout, the t+ Gym Bunny Bundle combines two varieties of naturally flavoured, vitamin-rich green tea that work to energise the body before exercising, help you recover after a tough training session, and maintain a healthy lifestyle on days off.

The Set Contains: t+ Boost Tea - Raspberry and Pomegranate (2 Boxes) Ginseng, cardamom, rosehip and B vitamins slowly release energy from food into your body for long-lasting effect (unlike coffee beans which can induce quick caffeine crashes!) Yerba Mate Plant, a natural stimulant in South America, works to revitalise, energise and rejuvenate the mind and body, making it ideal for a post lunch pick-me-up or natural pre-workout boost.

t+ Detox Tea - Apple and Blackcurrant (2 Boxes) Helping to kick-start a healthy lifestyle and give you a boost post-workout, the tea is packed with vitamins B and C to relieve tension after a stressful week, or after a long night of partying. Its blend of ginger root, dandelion root and cardamom promotes the natural detoxification process to leave you feeling revitalised and regenerated.

Each box contains 15 individual foil wrapped tea bags.

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