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Keep your rhythm in check with the myvitamins complete Dance Bundle. Designed to turn recovery into a quick step to ensure you always have your dancing shoes on.

We’ve got the perfect combination of protein with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to ensure you will never miss a beat! Feel ACE Feel A-C-E features a supreme combination of nutrients including the powerful antioxidant blend of ACE vitamins (A, C &E), Zinc and Selenium, designed to make you feel like the champion you are. This super strength multivitamin prepares the body’s natural defences by supporting the immune system and helps to protect the body against stresses caused by free radicals, leaving you feeling 100% ready to face the stage! Diet Whey Protein Developed by a team of experts, Diet Whey Protein contains 23g of protein which helps to maintain lean muscle mass. It also combines a unique blend of milk protein concentrate, instant oats, essential fatty acids and green tea extract to boost metabolism and provide a sustained energy release.

Omega 369 Omega 369 provides a source of the fatty acids EHA and DHA to help to build lean muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis. Supplementation with omega 369 improves cardiovascular & respiratory function to increase exercise capacity. This super supplement also improves cognitive function for better sports concentration making it the perfect all-rounder for all your rhythm needs.

Cacao Powder Get the purest, most natural, choco fix around with our myvitamins cacao powder.

Milled at low temperatures to preserve all its key nutrients, this cacao powder is loaded with antioxidants, magnesium and iron. The impressive nutrient content of cacao protects the body against oxidative stress and improves muscle contraction to increase powder, speed and endurance.

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