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Have you ever got to 3pm and found that you’re already thinking about dinner? Or maybe you find yourself constantly grazing throughout the morning to get you through to lunch. Sometimes it can be hard to stay full between meals. Especially when you’re on a weight loss plan.

A diet full of fibre can help you to feel fuller quicker and for longer. Glucomannan is a dietary fibre that does just that. It absorbs water in the stomach to increase satiety and then empties slowly to make you feel fuller for longer. It has been approved by the EU for weight loss as it reduces portion size and snacking. Here at myvitamins, we’ve created the perfect bundle to help you feel fuller quicker and for longer.

The myvitamins Belly-full Bundle is the perfect supplement to your weight loss plan. Glucomannan is a quick and easy way to increase fibre intake and promote weight loss. It combines perfectly with CLA, which inhibits the breakdown of carbs to reduce calorie intake of food that is consumed. Taken regularly, the two are the perfect way to supplement your fat loss plan.

The Belly-full Bundle helps you to feel fuller quicker and for longer.

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