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Matcha originates from Japan and is considered an ancient herbal superfood. Our Ceremonial Matcha is the highest quality in both taste and nutritional profile, and its Ceremonial grade means that the leaf is only used, compared to other matcha powders that combine the stem and veins which dilutes the nutritional value.

Why use Ceremonial Matcha powder? It’s a fantastic alternative to coffee, and contains vitamin C, which contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Is this product for me? If you don’t like the taste of coffee yet you are looking for a natural product that will offer similar energy benefits, Matcha Powder is the perfect addition to your diet.

When should I consume Matcha? First thing in the morning as an alternative to coffee, or as an afternoon pick me up.

To make, simply blend with 250ml of warm milk to make a green tea latte, or for tea, add 200ml of boiled water. It also makes a great addition to smoothies or baking.

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