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Peak Body Kaffeine Kicks are a potent workout formula with thermogenic properties included within it.
Peak Body Kaffeine Kicks contain a potent list of ingredients that are proven to work and proven to give you the energy you require.
Kaffeine Kicks main ingredient is obviously caffeine. Caffeine has been well documented in and is the main ingredients in many pre workouts. It is known to increase cell volume and increase energy while raising alertness and focus.
Peak Body Kaffeine Kicks also contains creatine. Now creatine is one of the most researched supplements there is. It works by regenerating ATP. This is our body’s main source of energy. Once creatine stores deplete in our body, our energy levels come to a halt.
Peak Body Kaffeine Kicks also contains Taurine. Taurine is normally always ran alongside caffeine. It is an amino acid and can be used as a potent anti-oxidant. Research’s call it the “wonder molecule”. It can help with electrolyte balance as well. It can also help with reducing fatigue.
Another potent ingredient in Peak Body Kaffeine Kicks is called L-Tyrosine. Now this is an amino acid that helps with the neurotransmitters in our brain. It actually helps aid in the production of the famed “fight or flight” Noradrenaline. This helps with alertness and mood elevation.
If you’re looking for a product to kick you that focus, alertness and kick before the gym this is definitely the product for you.
It comes in bottles of 24 and are ready to drink once mixed with water. It comes in two delicious flavours. These include Lemon & Lime and Orange.
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