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No offence to the boys, but we hear a lot about pre-workout, post-work out, and vitamins for active men. It’s time to redress that balance. Because women can.

Active women need even more nutrients and vitamins than the average woman. So if you like to kick off your day in the gym, or end your day with a spin class, then it is important to boost your vitamins intake. But with our busy lives it can be difficult to take all of the vitamins our bodies need every day. So here at myvitamins, we made it simple. We’ve put together a special bundle for the active woman with 9 essential vitamins to help keep you on top of your game.

The myvitamins Bar Belle Bundle is the perfect supplement for the active woman. Our special formulations provide your body with essential vitamins. You Go Girl contains B vitamins to boost your energy, chromium to support your metabolism, caffeine to boost your endurance, and l-tyrosine to build muscle tissue. It works harmoniously with Be Your Best to give you much needed support before, during, and after your workout.

Our unique blend of Vitamin C, MSM, Turmeric Extract and Flaxseed Oil in Be Your Best helps to improve recovery time and avoid fatigue.

Integrated into your daily supplement regime, You Go Girl and Be Your Best have everything you need to be the ultimate Bar Belle.

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