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Anabolic Designs Matador ensures maximum results in your weight management and muscle goals.
Insulin is extremely powerful and can lead to explosive muscle gain results, Anabolic Designs Matador is a natural Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA) and is designed to enhance the effects of insulin.Unfortunately high carb foods can begin to make us ‘insulin resistant’, this is where insulin release becomes greater and greater with less effect and this is where Matador can help.Anabolic Designs Matador increases Glucose levels, as glycogen in the muscle and has been formulated to enhance muscle fullness and increase pumps; enhancing vascularity and increasing lean mass growth.The Anabolic Designs Matador formula ensures Glucose is delivered directly into muscle cells, providing improved nutrient uptake to enhance workout and training results; perfect to help you achieve an improved and toned body composition.  As an effective GDA, Anabolic Designs Matador can help to reduce fat, by enhancing the anabolic effects of Insulin; providing muscles with the essential nutrients required for extreme muscle growth and reducing unwanted fat storage.Anabolic Designs Matador is a great workout enhancer, perfect to increase pumps and enhance vascularity.  The effective nutrient uptake makes it a great choice during bulking phases, as it helps to minimise fat gain.Matador can also provide you with the ability to control high Carbohydrate diets, making it ideal for Carbohydrate sensitive individuals during fat loss.Anabolic Designs Matador acts as a muscle primer; formulated to lower body fat storage and encourage healthy muscle gains, resulting in a leaner and fuller physique.

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