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Product Overview
The Hype Olympic Plate Rack is a highly durable weight rack. Perfect to store your Olympic weights, keeping them organised, without cluttering up useful floor space.  Hype’s Olympic Plate Rack features a sturdy and robust design, ideal to pick up and put down weights safely and without damage. Leaving training weights lying on the floor, not only reduces floor space - But could easily create a dangerous tripping hazard. Using Hype’s Plate Rack minimises this risk and ensures you, the weights or any other gym equipment is not damaged!The Hype Olympic Plate Rack helps you conveniently move your weights around with you, whether you want to engage in floor work, or bench training.Hype’s Olympic Plate Rack also provides a useful welded vertical tube to store your Olympic bar in, when not in use. Creating an all in one storage solution. Weight training offers a simple and convenient workout and storing your Plates in this handy weight rack keeps your weights close to hand and can also help to prevent floor damage. The Hype Olympic Plate Rack is made to the highest standards and built to last. Offering an effective weight storage solution, keeping your exercise and training areas tidy.  Suitable for gym or home use.
Dimensions: 60 (length) x 35 (width) x 75 (high) cm
When Best To Take The Product
Keeps your gym or training area tidy and your weights organised.

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