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5% Nutrition KILL IT is a high quality, all in one pre workout formula. Designed with the best ingredients to push you though a long day or an intense workout.
5% Nutrition KILL IT is made up of a Nitric Oxide/Endurance blend. Containing ingredients such as Citrulline Mallate, Beta Alanine, Taurine, Creatine and Caffeine.
5% Nutrition KILL IT delivers 250mg of Caffeine per serving. Caffeine is obviously the main ingredient in this as it helps with increase energy output. It also helps your brain with increased focus and alertness.
5% Nutrition KILL IT also contains Beta Alanine. Beta Alanine. Beta Alanine helps produce Carnosine. Carnosine helps prevent that “burn” feeling you get when lactic acid builds up helping with the endurance of muscles and helps increase time to exhaustion.
5% Nutrition KILL IT provides you with 1500mg of 3 types of Creatine. Creatine works in a way of regenerating our ATP. This is our body’s main energy source. When Creatine stores are depleted then our energy levels come to a halt.
5% Nutrition KILL IT also contains L-Taurine. Taurine is an amino acid. It helps with maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance in your cells. It can help with removing wastes products that lead to fatiguing and the “burn” feeling in muscles.
5% Nutrition KILL IT volumises cells, increases blood flow, helps with increase energy, increases focus and alertness and tastes awesome. What other pre workout do you need?
5% Nutrition KILL IT contains over 7,450mg of different potent compounds that help with processes from nitric oxide productions and boosters to lactic acid buffers.
5% Nutrition KILL IT comes in four refreshing flavours – These include Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime and Mango Pineapple.
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