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What is Organic Cacao Nibs? The Cacao Bean grows on the tropical Theobroma Cacao tree, and Cacao Nibs are the broken up pieces of the Cacao Bean after it has been harvested, fermented and dried. Cacao Nibs resemble chocolate chips or small pieces of chocolate, but contain all the same nutritional value of the Cacao Bean.

Why use Organic Cacao Nibs? Organic Cacao Nibs are a raw and unprocessed version of the cocoa bean, chocolate in its purest form. Organic Cacao beans are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilisers and because the beans are uncooked, no pesticides are involved in the production. This natural method of production retains more nutrients than the processed cocoa bean. Cacao contains more than 300 compounds, including essential vitamins and minerals: A, B, C, E, magnesium, protein, fibre, zinc and iron.

Who can Benefit? Cacao Nibs can be used exactly as chocolate chips: as a sweet yet healthy snack or in baking recipes for cakes and desserts. Organic Cacao’s high level of antioxidants helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, boosts energy production and increases levels of the ‘feel-good’ chemical serotonin. Its magnesium rich content, a mineral that is deficient in the average human, contributes towards maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, relaxing muscles, helping to deal with migraines and headaches and generally managing energy production in the body.

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