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Waxy maize starches are long-chain, highly-branched, exceptionally-dense complex carbohydrates that are rapidly absorbed. Trehalose is a much smaller, slower-digesting molecule comprised of two unusually linked glucose sugars. Together, these carbohydrates provide immediate and intermediate energy, top-off glycogen stores, and aid with nutrient absorption. Thats why theyre the foundation of our Glyco-Maize formula. Unlike other high-carbohydrate formulas that you may have used in the past, Glyco-Maize is designed to be used often and in greater amounts. Added Carbogen enzymes help ensure fast, easy digestion without bloating or cramping. So, when youre ready to power-up your pre-, during- & post-workout drinks and shakes to meet the intensity of your sports, youre ready for Glyco-Maize.Product Features:|| 35 grams of concentrated carbohydrates per scoop || Packed with fast-acting, high-molecular weight Waxy Maize Starch Trehalose for intermediate energy.|| Contains Carbogen digestive enzymes to enhance utilization* || Unflavored versatility: supercharge your protein, weight-gainer, creatine, and amino acid drinks with Glyco-Maize. Suitable for Vegetarians.

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