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What is the USN Low Sugar Protein Bar?Protein bars offer a convenient snacking solution, helping you meet your nutritional needs whilst curbing cravings. However, not all were created equal; some varieties contain a hefty amount of sugar, which could hinder your progress. The USN Low Sugar Protein Bar is different: it delivers quality protein on-the-go, with minimal carbs!USN are a leading brand in health and sports nutrition; introduced in 1999, theyve fuelled the ambition of every fitness enthusiast across the globe. Ultimate Sports Nutrition pride themselves on using their expertise to deliver advanced products to those of any discipline helping them to reach higher and push harder.

The Low Sugar Protein Bar was created for anyone currently sculpting their dream physique. With 11g of milk protein per 35g bar and less than 1.5g of net carbs, its the perfect, guilt-free treat! Sweetened with sucralose and natural polyols, you can choose from indulgent flavours including Strawberry Cheesecake, without unwanted sugar/calories. The Low Sugar Protein Bar offers variety to your nutritional plan, when enjoyed as part of healthy, active lifestyle. Whats makes its formula special?|| Each 35g bar delivers 11g (31%) of milk protein to support muscle growth and repair. || Provides less than 1.5g of net carbs i.e., that which the body absorbs and utilises. || Contains only 118 calories. || Multi-packs of individually wrapped bars mean you can plan your snacks in advance.|| Available in a range of delicious flavours.How can the USN Low Sugar Protein Bar help me reach my goals?Sometimes, we crave something a little bit naughty but were unwilling to break our current eating habits that are tip-top! The Low Sugar Protein Bar is the perfect solution; boost muscle recovery around your training, whilst keeping that sweet tooth in check!If fat loss/maintenance is your objective, the Low Sugar Protein Bar can be factored into your routine as a snack or treat when required. Who is the USN Low Sugar Protein Bar suitable for?|| Active individuals looking for a balanced snack/treat.|| Those aiming to reduce or maintain body fat levels, and thus, tracking their carb intake.

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