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Introducing the new Neon SmartShake series combining functionality with a fashionable and innovative design - Providing you with the perfect drinks shaker and training accessory.
SmartShake Neon Shaker Cups are highly durable, made from quality BPA free plastic. Great for everyday use and designed with practically in mind, suitable to be stored in the freezer and are also microwave and dishwasher safe.
This is a highly versatile Shaker Cup, the powder mixer included can be used to blend anything from Protein shakes to pancake batter! Providing you with a lump free supplement when you need it most. 
SmartShake Neon Shakers have a capacity of up to 600ml (20oz) perfect for mixing and holding your favourite sports drinks or Protein shakes, especially when you’re on the go.
The Neon SmartShake Shaker also features two detachable storage compartments and a handy organiser. Ideal to conveniently store pills, capsules and powders, all in one place… And can even be used as a key storage solution or to store healthy fruit and nut snacks!
SmartShake Neon Shakers are 100% leak proof. And thanks to its snap-on strainer, there are no loose parts and it is easy to clean. Also making this great for travelling and can be safely stored in gym bags or lockers and suitable to be used on the move.
The SmartShake Neon Series come in a range of vibrant and stylish colours, allowing these to be mix and matched - With two or more cups you can mix and match the interchangeable parts, creating your own customized Shaker Cup…  Perfect to match your outfit, mood or personality!
SmartShake’s Neon Shaker Cups offer a fun and stylish design. It is compact in size and is also lightweight, making it useful for use during training and workout sessions.
SmartShake Neon Shaker’s multiple compartments allow you to store several servings of your daily supplements, all in one convenient container. Enabling you to carry and use your supplements easily, wherever you go.

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