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Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies are a delicious, soft baked, smooth chocolate chip brownie made with the best ingredients to help you with your fitness goals.
Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies contain a whey protein blend of milk protein and hydrolysed wheat protein meaning it will taste amazing. It will also delivery nutrients in a sustained release throughout the day.
Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies provide you with 20g of protein per serving and only 3.3g of sugars. Perfect for anyone on a strict calorie diet.
Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies also only contain 250 calories meaning you can enjoy these as a delicious guilt free snack when you need a boost in calories or protein.
Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies can be used as a post workout snack due to the carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates will help restore glycogen levels which are lost during training. This means recovery times will be quicker.
Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies can be put in your gym bag, on your work desk or in your glove compartment. Perfect for someone who is on the move most of the time.
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