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Product Overview: Being Pregnant is hard work. You might be glowing on the outside but you're feeling grim on the inside.

Looking after your body is always important. But during pregnancy, your body is working harder so it’s even more important that you give your body what it needs. It’s a good idea to take a prenatal supplement during pregnancy to ensure your body is getting exactly what it needs. Here at myvitamins, we made it simple. We’ve developed a special bundle to ensure you’re getting just what you need to care for you and your little one. And what’s more, it’s totally vegan friendly.

The myvitamins Bundle of Joy provides the just the right vitamins and minerals in just the right amount. Baby On Board contains a blend of 17 essential vitamins including: Folic Acid to help prevent birth defects; vitamin D3 to boost your immune system. Our bundle also contains the complete B vitamin complex to reduce tiredness and fatigue, Iron to promote red blood cell formation, and Omega 3, 6, & 9 as a source of essential fatty acids. All four work harmoniously to support your baby’s and your own health.

Taken daily, The Bundle of Joy is the perfect nutritional start for your pregnancy and your little one.

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